We manufacture packaging paper with 100% recycled material.

With a 550,000-ton capacity and 6 paper mills, we produce: white liner, semi-kraft liner and medium paper from 100 to 800 gr/m2 grammages, and Gondikote® coated paperboard, from 200 to 480 gr/m2 grammages, developed by Grupo Gondi, with high-end graphic printing quality, moisture resistance, and excellent performance.

We implement the latest technology to control paper processing, using the L&W Autoline 400, which measures each reel of paper with high accuracy and providing online analysis for immediate quality validation.

Corrugated Boxes

With fully automated lines, we are able to manufacture more than 800,000 tons of corrugated cardboard and solid fiber boxes per year, producing more than 2 billion pieces of post-printed boxes of up to 5 colors per year.

We offer packaging made with flutes: A, B and C, as well as microcorrugated boxes with flutes: E, F and K; with the possibility of combining flutes for double wall boxes. 

<span 1.6em;"="">Our portfolio includes litho-laminated boxes that provide high shelf impact, as well as jumbo boxes for large format products. All our products meet the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance throughout the supply chain.

Solid Fiber Boxes

We manufacture solid-fiber packaging composed of two or three spliced sheets that provide high resistance; thus this packaging has a high reuse ratio (9-14 times) depending on the environment and handling conditions.

Thanks to the versatility of our equipment, we can pre-print solid fiber boxes, which allows us to offer excellent graphics and optimal product performance, screen-printing up to 4 colors. 

Partitions & Inserts

We manufacture partitions and separators of corrugated, microcorrugated and solid fiber, processed by die cutting equipment and automatic assembly.

The inserts are accessories made of cardboard with protective function for storage or transport, as well as protect the product against external factors; have a role in protecting inside the box, before damage caused when products hit each other.

A wide range of separators that can be adapted according to the type of packaged product:

• Inserts: Type "H", omega and full background

• Bands

• Partitions

• Shelves

• Special inserts

Pre-Printed Boxes

We offer higher printing quality that what is normally available on the market. We use three main printing systems: Flexographic, gravure and offset. Our printing output is almost 1,200,000 kilometers annually, equivalent to more than 30 times around the world. 

We produce flutes B, C, E, and F packaging, with high quality graphics and excellent product protection.

We recently installed one of the three largest high-quality-graphics substrate printing machines in the world. The machine’s technology provides an exact impression, offering high definition as well as flexibility for printing high volumes and promotions.

Folding Carton

We have an installed capacity of over 4 billion pieces per year, with cutting-edge technology and procedures in each step of our process:

·         Printing up to 8 colors

·         In-line rotating flat punches

·         Folding machines for bonding baskets (4, 6, and 8 packs)

·         Different bonding styles: for automatic, special and linear bottom, with an application on 4, 6, and 8 corners


These are some of the finishes and applications we offer:

·         Acetate window

·         Machine coating

·         UV coating to impression

·         Textured

·         Hot stamping

·         Gloss/Waffle

·         Acetate window


Grupo Gondi developed GondiFilm®, a new packaging concept, ideal for premium and high impact shelf products, having a production capacity of more than 100 million pieces a year.

GondiFilm® is the ideal solution for refrigerated or frozen products as it provides a moisture barrier and other benefits. GondiFilm® consists of laminating a pre-printed substrate in 7-color offset plus EB coating or high-quality graphics light paper on top of a heavier packing paper.

The Result:
Packaging with enviable features...

·         Moisture resistance

·         Less color variation

·          High-quality-graphics printing

·         Metallic finishes

·         High gloss

·         Durability

·         Commercial impact

·         EB coating

·         Replacement of SBS (solid bleach sulphate) and virgin-fiber paper

Because of its excellent quality and glossy finish, GondiFilm® is packaging with an excellent image for any product due to its high visual impact, ideal for segments such as: food, beverages, pharmaceutical and personal care, among many others.

Flexible Packaging

With the highest technology available in the Mexican market for printing plastic films on substrates such as: BOPP, PE, HDPE, HDPE, PET, PVC, foil, and coated papers. The system is characterized by its high versatility in quick order changes, ideal for short runs while providing exceptional quality. 

·         Our delivery service is one of the fastest in the market

·         Our products offer high chemical resistance since the inks we use are epoxy-acrylic, even able to withstand solvents

Thanks to our equipment’s technology level, we can offer up to 7 colors plus a Flexographic unit and instant drying by ElectronBeam, so it is ideal for both short and long runs.

Dies and Photopolymer Plates

We manufacture rotary, flatbed, and Bobst-type die-cutters, and we also have a team of experts who are responsible for validating and verifying the specifications for machine tooling, thus creating value for our customers. We specialize in high performance and precision die-cutters that use robotic equipment and laser cutting.

Thanks to our vertical integration, we manufacture photopolymer plates for printing in Flexographic systems. In the manufacturing process, we use optimal procedures and continuous maintenance; we have also implemented a training program for our staff.

·         We achieve perfect gap closing in our plates, machine sleeves or printing cylinders, optimizing times and reducing costs generated by work stoppages or changes in production line

·         Our team of experts is responsible for validating machine tooling specifications

·         We provide nationwide coverage, primarily to major industries in the printing market












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