Sustainability & Social Responsability

At Grupo Gondi we take an active stance before the challenges facing our society, for we have a commitment to our employees, community  and the environment. 

1. Sustainability in Our Processes.

 We develop specific strategies and programs as part of our Environmental Management System and our Health and Safety Management for our employees, such as:

·         Optimizing raw materials

·         Waste management

·         Energy saving

·         Water saving

·         Emissions management

·         Health and safety at work self-management programs

·         STOP programs or safety and total damage control system

·         Health programs

·         Use of clean energy sources 

2. Sustainability in Our Products.

·         Our products are made with 100% recycled fibers and are biodegradable

·         We use renewable energy

·         We use technology that reduces the emission of pollutants

·         We manufacture packaging that can be reused more than 8 times along the supply chain

3. Sustainability in Our Supplies.

·         Paper: Produced from waste generated in the manufacturing processes and packaging consumption

·         Inks: Water based, eco-friendly

·         Prints and dies: We manufacture our own tooling, 100% recyclable


Our commitment with Mexico

In Grupo Gondi we are aware that we are part of a community. We therefore support through donations to various institutions, and the encouragement in organizations promoting culture and art.
Over the years we have contributed scholarships and benefited poor children; we have provided wheelchairs for people with motor disabilities; We have also opted for violence-free environments in public schools that have participated in workshops on bullying prevention and alcohol in minors and supported by comprehensive care for children with cerebral palsy.

These actions were made possible through nonprofit institutions we support, such as: Talleres para Discapacitados TECAMAC I.A.P., Convivencia sin Violencia A.C., Dibujando un Mañana A.C., Tus Manos, Mis Pasos A.C., Christel House México.


Our mission is to recycle paper and cardboard recovered and collected directly from generating sources, contributing to environmental protection and promoting ecological culture.

Main Services.

  • Handling, transportation and recycling of recovered materials according to customer needs.
  • Providing equipment on loan when it is feasible.
  • Training and promotion of an ecological culture.
  • Fair prices based on independent market indicators.
  • Scrupulous and timely payments.
  • Design of integral recycling programs.


  • Recovered materials collection truck fleet.
  • Equipment that operates safely and efficiently at customer facilities.
  • Presence in Mexico’s major cities.

Environmental Benefits.

Recycling 1 metric ton of cardboard and paper recovered and recycled through EcoGondi saves: *

  • Enough energy to light a house for 6 months.
  • 7,000 gallons of water.
  • 3 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • The emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is reduced by one metric ton
  • We contribute to the conservation of forests

* United States Environmental Protection Agency


“Your role is very important to protect the environment, in EcoGondi we count on your Ecolaboration”.



Recycling Process

Grupo Gondi keeps an eye on the processes involved in the recycling system, implementing systems derived from specific actions that contribute to the optimum performance of each process. Below are the recycling cycles of our main products: